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Create your Marketing Package collateral

Please provide info on what you want to include in your Marketing Package and we'll email you your personalised collateral shortly with your logo and branding.

Agent details

Cover Page


Marketing Package

Max 200 characters

Essential Marketing - included in our overall fee


List out the marketing items. Each item will have a title (name of the item) and optional subtitle (any additional info about the item)


Title: Social advertising

Subtitle: Advertise on Instagram and Facebook

Marketing Page 1

Marketing 29.jpg

Recommended Enhancements - optional 

For add-on items only.

We've already included Daft Advantage Ads by default on this list

If the item IS NOT included in your fee, please enter price with a € sign.

If the item is included in your fee, please enter "(included)" in the price input


Marketing Page 2

Marketing 24.jpg
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